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If you are visiting my web page then you or someone you know has pustular psoriasis. I created this page in hopes of helping others like myself. I have heard from hundreds of you and I wish you or your loved one all the best with this skin disorder.

I was diagnosed with Pustular Psoriasis in June of 2002. The first blisters appeared in April 2002 (after several stressful events) in my life. I have used all the usual prescription creams. I have taken Soritane, Methotrexate, and Neoral (Cyclosporine). I was on Neoral for 7 years. It worked really good. I was on Soriatane (20 mgs daily) for 21 months. I had to come off the Soriatane (August 28,2012) due to abnormal blood test results. 

Today is October 10, 2013, I am doing fairly well. Trying to maintain my psoriasis with low stress, soaking my feet, and using heel balm.

The photo to the right was taken at the onset of the PP in April 2002.

My thoughts and prayers to each person that visits this web page. Thank you for your emails and guest book signings. I appreciate your concern and compassion. I wish you the best in your success against the skin disorder BATTLE!!!!!!!!


My hands at their worst in April 2003.